Superhero Painters…

Yes that wall is 150 ft high and yes it’s being painted…by hand. 

Every six weeks a team of painters produce these large scale murals on
315 Park Avenue South in NYC.  It took 4 men, 5 days to complete this
epic poster for the new Batman movie. Incredible.

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London 1908…

The London Olympics a few summers back…. from Vintage Everyday

Don’t fry this at home…

'Deep fried gadgets' by Henry Hargreaves via DesignBoom

Ring of fire…

Papago Park, Phoenix

Through binoculars in Sacramento, California

North of Odessa, Texas

In case you missed it we found these incredible shots of the recent annular eclipse. To quote Wikipedia this occurs “when the Sun and Moon are exactly in line, but the apparent size of the Moon is smaller than that of the Sun. Hence the Sun appears as a very bright ring.”

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'Svayambh'  meaning self-made, 2009.
This 40 tonne block of red wax ‘sculpted itself’ as it motored back and forth through the Royal Academy of Arts in London.

'Shooting Into the Corner' 2009.
In another section of the gallery a canon fired 11kg wax ‘bullets’ at a pristine white wall.

An old favourite - sculpture on a large scale by the legendary Anish Kapoor.

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'Firmeza' - Steadfastness

'Amor' - Love

'Beleza' - Beauty

Blink and you’ll miss it - this graffiti is designed to float in the air when viewed from a specific perspective.

Painted by locals and the Spanish Art Collective, Boa Mistura, in Vila Brâsilandia Favela in São Paulo, Brazil.

via Design Boom

On location…

A few shots from the B Roll of our Winter 2012 campaign shoot in Big Sur, California. Enjoy.

The ultimate motor museum…

The brand new Casa Enzo Ferrari Museum in Modena, Italy.

A fitting tribute to the man who founded this motoring institution. The building, originally designed by the late Jan Kaplicky, mimics the shape of a sports car bonnet. It sits in striking contrast alongside Enzo’s fully restored family home and workshop.

via Design You Trust, more info via The Independent

Off the beaten track…

Mountain bikes living up to their name.

Shot by English, Vancouver based, photographer Dan Barham

From the morgue…

November 17, 1976. A King Kong billboard dominates Midtown Manhattan

August 13, 1969. The New York ticker tape parade for Apollo 11 astronauts

These iconic shots were found in the New York Times photo ‘morgue’ which houses over 5 million prints and 300 thousand sacks of negatives. Check out more via the New York Times blog 

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