Superhero Painters…

Yes that wall is 150 ft high and yes it’s being painted…by hand. 

Every six weeks a team of painters produce these large scale murals on
315 Park Avenue South in NYC.  It took 4 men, 5 days to complete this
epic poster for the new Batman movie. Incredible.

Find out the full story on

Brace for Impact…

It was the US Air flight that stunned the world when pilot Captain Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger pulled off an emergency landing on ice in the Hudson River, NYC (2009). Miraculously all onboard survived and were rescued from the sinking aircraft by passing ferries.

Photographer Stephen Mallon took these exceptional shots of the salvage process. Check out more on his website

For more info on Flight 1549 and the flock of geese that caused the loss of both engines see Wikipedia

Midday nap anyone?

The vertical bed. So comfortable this guy managed to sleep for 40 minutes in downtown New York.


The city that never sleeps…

Photographer Stephen Wilkes combines hundreds of photos to create his ‘Day to Night’ images of NYC.  View more on FLAVORWIRE

Industrie Photo Diary: Bikes


Totally rideable. 8th Ave

Inseparable. Chinatown

Marc Jacobs lookalike. Delancey St

It makes a hamburger sound? 30th Ave

Hot seat. West Broadway

Unicycle. 18th St

Classy Lineup. Lower East Side

Blue Lady. Rivington St

Night Rider. West Village

Eco Warrior. Gramercy Park


Damn fine. Dam Square

Carnage. Off the Kalverstraat


Red Rocket. Lamb’s Conduit St

Lime wedge. Brushfield St

That better be a sorry note. Somewhere near Oxford St